#19 Spearmint Serene | Spearmint Herbal Loose Leaf Tea

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  • RELAXING ANXIETY REMOVER. If you are feeling stressed to the point of headaches, there is no better solution than spearmint loose leaf tea. Whether it is mental fatigue from working too hard or emotional strain, this organic spearmint tea will help you relax and unwind your mind.
  • POTENT ANTIOXIDANTS. Spearmint actually has more antioxidants than green tea! This potent antioxidant has chemicals called phenols and flavonoids, which are unique to this herb and help to prevent inflammation.
  • NATURAL PAIN RELIEVER. Have a toothache, headache or sore throat? Instead of opting for a pill, try a natural pain reliever like spearmint tea. Our tea will help to relieve your pain, calm your nerves, and help you to relax.
  • BOOST DIGESTION. Spearmint can help relax your stomach muscles, which promotes healthy digestion and reduces symptoms of nausea. A single cup of spearmint tea can have amazing health benefits for your gastrointestinal tract!
  • 1 TSP of Wild Tea can be steeped multiple times to produce various flavor and nutritional profiles. For your first brew, steep for 2-3 minutes then after straining tea leave place them in the fridge until your next brew!