Wild Coffee Beans | Mexico Dark Roast | Organic, Fair Trade, Single-Origin 340G

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Woooo Weee... this is a bold brew... and that's why we love it! 

Did you know that certain "coffee connoisseurs" say you should never roast coffee dark because it removes the flavor? Nonsense!

Well, they are kinda right in some cases, but not with Mexico Dark. Mexico Dark is a freak of nature in that it was made to be dark roasted. This bean wants to be roasted dark, not a gentle brown or light, and the master roaster we work with in Austin does it just right. 

Mexico Dark is a dark roasted, Single-Origin, Fair Trade and Organic Arabica bean from the Chiapas region of Mexico. It is nutty with notes of caramel and slight baker's chocolate. It is fresh roasted and rated Premium Grade “1,” the highest rating available for coffee.

Fair Trade, Wet Process, Single-Origin, High Altitude Beans Rated Premium Grade "1"

  • Elevation: 2,600ft - 5,900 Feet. Soil: Clay Minerals
  • Wild Coffee is High-Performance Coffee that is perfect when coupled with pastured butter and Wild MCT oil!