Wild Himalayan Pink Salt - 100% Natural Unrefined Pink Salt (Fine Grain) 227G

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Why is Wild Himalayan Salt pink when most other salt is white? Because it has more minerals! 

The pink color comes from the trace minerals and electrolytes found naturally in the salt.

Wild Pink Himalayan Pink Salt is mined from deep under the Himalayan mountains. The salt is hundreds of millions of years old, the purest salt on the on Earth that has not been touched by man and his pollution. Compared to table salt, which is made artificially by combining sodium and chloride, Wild Pink Salt is 100% natural and forged by Earth herself.

Salt is an essential nutrient to the human body, which is why we have a palate for salty foods. Of course, most salt found in processed and restaurant food is the artificially created table salt and iodized kosher salt varieties. These not only impart a metallic flavor, but they also make you feel bloated and cause a lot of water retention. 

  • Wild Pink Salt has a smooth, unassuming flavor, even more subtle than quality sea salts. It is useful for cooking, salt rubs, drinks, and even as a finishing salt.
  • We particularly like the Wild Pink Salt for drink recipes to help you taste the other ingredients without imparting a salty flavor.
  • Wild Pink Salt is a must-have staple in the healthy kitchen that contains 80+ trace minerals that help balance body electrolytes, improve circulation, and improve nutrient absorption.
  • Use it often and liberally and celebrate your better tasting recipes with this delicious pink crystal salt!

Wild Pink Salt is backed by our Iron-Clad Wild Guarantee: 100% Money-Back If You Aren't Completely Happy.