Wild Matcha #2 Ceremonial Bulk Grade Green Tea Matcha From Japan 113G

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Wild Matcha is a fine powder made from stone-ground green tea leaves. Instead of infusing whole leaves in water— and then discarding—matcha is whisked into water (or other recipes) and consumed whole.

By ingesting the entire tea leaf, you get 100% of the nutrients locked deep inside the  green tea leaves. This is why one serving of Wild Matcha is equal to 10 glasses of regular brewed green tea in total nutritional value!  

Matcha aids in weight loss, detoxes the body, promotes overall health and fights inflammation. It is also a healthy way to get sustained energy--the caffeine in matcha is slowly released over a period of 4-6 hours.

You can enjoy Wild Matcha hot or cold, in smoothies, lattes, desserts and recipes! 

Ingredients: Raw matcha green tea powder (organically grown)

Why Wild Matcha:

  • Antioxidant Powerhouse Superfood: One cup of Wild Matcha is equal to 10 cups of regular brewed green tea in antioxidant and nutritional value!
  • A premium matcha green Tea from Award-Winning JAS Organic tea farm on the foggy mountainside in Ujitaware, Kyoto, Japan. Our tea manufacturer has been in business for over 100 years. 
  • Fat Burner and Metabolism Enhancer: Wild Matcha contains polyphenols EGCG, a thermogenic ingredient known to boost metabolism.
  • Natural Mood and Energy Enhancer - Wild Matcha contains caffeine, which is released into the bloodstream slowly providing a healthy and sustained boost of energy and mental focus and clarity!
  • Wild Matcha is backed by the Wild Foods 100% No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Lifetime Guarantee! If you aren't completely happy for any reason, we will take care of it!
  • Caffeine content: There is about 33mg per 8oz matcha cup if using 1.5g/1.5 Teaspoon